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BEFUNKY barack and michelle obama arafat fundraiser in 1997

Grumpy Opinions by Bob Montgomery

Title courtesy of the charismatic, dramatic and utterly loathsome Reverend Jeremiah Wright. His disgusting anti-American screed, which went viral at some point AFTER a large enough segment of the electorate had been conned into thinking Barack Obama was a normal American, came quickly to mind this evening when word came out about Russian intervention in the Syrian civil war. That his one-time congregant, Barack H. Obama, propelled himself almost effortlessly out of his pew in Wright’s ….church… to become President and Commander In Chief is morbidly ironic as we see the former most powerful nation in the world embarrassed, humiliated and brushed off by a state that is only a fraction of what it used to be in terms of assets and capability. Still a player, yes. But it is Russia, not the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Whoa! Who could have seen this one coming, right? I mean, besides Barack, we’ve had some real jewels running the show and talking the talk for the last seven years, haven’t we? Besides the White House and State Department retinue of bobbleheads and dilated-pupil, know-it-all New Agers, we’ve had Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Admiral Mullen and General Dempsey, Susan Rice (a disgrace to the Rice name, If you know what I mean), the wannabe world-changer Samantha Power, and on to Panetta, Hagel and Carter. Now, the KGB may not be what it once was, but do we not think they have dossiers on ALL of these clowns?


For many of us, Barack Obama’s legacy will be the destruction in less than eight years of that which it took this nation hundreds of years to build.

And yes, for their betrayal and complacency, the legacy of the Republican Party who made no effort to quell the transformation will forever be entwined in that legacy.