The Bronx, New York owner of two pit bulls was arrested this weekend after being accused of siccing her dogs on Francesco Bove.

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During the vicious attack, 62-year-old Bove lost part of his right ear and in addition to receiving bite marks to his head, suffered “severe nerve damage to his arms,” and “lacerations to his chest and limbs, according to court records.” Source: Wall Street Journal.

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According to NYPD, the dogs’ owner “after an argument” ordered the pit bulls to attack Bove.

However, refuting allegations made by police, eyewitnesses reported that the dogs’ owner Cynthia Oliver, age 55, was actually attempting to gain control of the dogs when after Bove stopped to pet the pit bulls, the dogs breaking free of their chains and harnesses began viciously biting, clawing and dragging Bove as can be seen in the video at the bottom of this post (warning: extremely graphic).

Father Jonathan Morris of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Bronx (Twitter photo)

Father Jonathan Morris of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Bronx (Twitter photo)

The attack was so vicious that Father Jonathan Morris of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church where Bove was headed rushing to Bove’s aide also delivered last rites. (If Father Morris looks familiar, that is because he often appears on Fox News and Fox Business News.)

New York Daily News

As the dogs approached, he thought they wanted to be petted, but the canines had something else in mind. ‘They came to me, and I thought they were friendly but they jumped on me and I felt the bite,’ he said. ‘I started to kick them off. I lost a big chunk of my arm. I could see it. I could see the bone.’

The dogs also ripped off most of his right ear. All Bove saw was red. ‘My ear, I couldn’t see it, but there was blood everywhere,’ the native of Isernia, Italy, said….

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Noting that the animals were out for blood, Father Morris and witnesses say that the dogs have a horrible reputation in the neighborhood.

Bove, lucky to be alive, an artist and owner of a pit bull himself suspects that, “the dogs were trained to fight.”

According to Bove’s son, “It was very clear by his clothes that while he was on the floor the dogs wanted his blood … they wanted it…They were licking the blood where it was sprayed on the street.”

Neighbors are also alleging that Oliver feeds the dogs (TI and RuntRunt) who this past summer killed three other dogs “raw meat.” (Am I the only suspecting the existence of a “dog fighting ring” here?)


A neighbor said the pit bulls owned by Cynthia Oliver killed three dogs this summer.

Christina Salgado, 22, said she watched in horror as the two vicious dogs chewed on Bove, who had stopped to pet them.

‘She feeds those dogs raw meat,’ Salgado said, dismissing cops who said that Oliver had sicced the beasts on their prey….

‘They tore a dog apart right here. One grabbed from the front and one was in the back. They tore it into pieces,’ she said. ‘They run wild in the streets….’


Oliver was arrested and charged with eight counts of assault, two counts of reckless endangerment. As of Saturday she was still detained on $35,000 bail.

Below is the video of the pit bull attack, which has gone viral and that many have labeled black on white violence. In this instance though, I’m not so sure because (a) of the conflicting reports, (b) it appears that the owner at some points in the video attempted to pull the dogs off their victim and (c) later in the video, one of the dogs can be seen moving toward someone else. I could be wrong. Allowing the facts play out for themselves, should reveal all.



How many times must a caller repeat the address when the address of the caller shows up on 911’s caller ID? Is 911 useless, deaf. Is something wrong with their system or what? Very often, the operators cop an attitude when callers are screaming on the other end of the phone.

Finally, Bove a dog lover and as I mentioned above, the owner of a pit bull himself is concerned about the future of the pit bulls now in the care of and the Animal Care Center of NY.