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For the past 24 hours, there have been snippets about the GOP leadership nudging Mitt Romney to enter the 2016 Republican presidential primary to take down Donald Trump.

After all, Jeb Bush is a disaster and Donald Trump is unstoppable and a thorn in the sides of the Republican Party leadership, the Chamber of Commerce, advocates for illegal immigration and free trade, all of whom have betrayed the American people.

Trump former political adviser Roger Stone dispatched the following tweet a few days ago about his suspicions:


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Ashley Parker of the New York Times confirmed the rumors this past weekend during a discussion on CNN.



Stone said Trump is dominating the Republican field thus far partially because former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush appears to be sleepwalking through the campaign.

‘I do think with Jeb’s failure across the board and his underperformance and that paleo diet, he’s got no energy’ said Stone. ‘He’s just flat. There’s no passion there. There’s no-can-do spirit. It’s somnambulant. This is why Trump is just zooming past him….’

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Leave it to the mainstream media and the GOP establishment to send out those Mitt Romney 2016 test balloons.

I could be over thinking this but after weeks of Glenn Beck losing his mind over the possibility of a Trump presidency, aggressive attacks on Trump, his supporters and Conservative radio, Beck on his radio program yesterday was so calm discussing Trump that it was out of character.

The Republican establishment is deaf and out of touch. Most of us who voted for Romney in 2012 did so while holding our noses.

As Trump said last week, Romney had his chance, he failed; and as for the GOP leadership, they insult my intelligence.