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A six hour standoff began just before 6 a.m., Friday morning when four NYPD officers and four U. S. Marshals with the Regional Fugitive Task Force arrived at 15 Destiny Court in Staten Island, the home of Garland Tyree, leader of the Bloods subset Nine Trey gang to take the gang banger in for a probation violation.

According to law enforcement, Tyree violated his probation by traveling to the Bahamas, which was also drug related.

Shortly after the standoff began, Tyree posted the following to his Facebook page:

screenshot garland tyree facebook post today I die

In spite postings from acquaintances to the gang leader’s Facebook page urging Tyree to live another day, the standoff and Tyree’s life ended sometime around noon after Tyree exited his home wearing a wearing a bullet-proof vest, carrying an AK-47 and began firing on law enforcement hitting police vehicles and surrounding houses.

Daily Mail.co.uk

The East Coast leader of the Bloods ordered police to fly his mother from Delaware to New York City before deliberately running into the line of fire at the end of a six-hour stand-off.

Garland ‘S.I.’ Tyree, 38, said ‘coming out now, I love you’ on the phone to his mother at around midday on Friday and told police he agreed to surrender.

But when he emerged from his Staten Island home wearing a bullet proof vest and armed with an AK-47, he opened fire. A police officer returned fire, killing Tyree.

Tyree, who served time for a homicide at 16 years old, set his house on fire and shot a firefighter at 5.45am on Friday when US Marshals came to arrest him for violating parole.

Two of his bullets hit Lt James Hayes, 53, one in the leg and one in the buttocks. Hayes, a 30-year veteran who recovered victims during the 9/11 attacks, is in a stable condition in hospital.

By 8.30am the fire was under control and a hostage squad had made contact with Tyree, who remained barricaded inside.

He requested four loved ones including his Delaware-based mother, his girlfriend, his assistant, and another friend. He told detectives he would surrender if his mother came to the scene….

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NYC’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, is under attack for dereliction of duty; when de Blasio rather than visit the veteran firefighter wounded during the standoff instead went MIA for two hours to the gym.

According to de Blasio staff, the Commie dirt bag took phone calls. Oh yes and Bloomberg left his office early on Fridays to fly to weekend home in Bermuda.

De Blasio was dismissive of questions regarding his trip to the gym from reporters.


‘We’re briefing you all on a very serious situation, and that’s just not a serious question,’ Mr. de Blasio curtly replied during a press conference at a Staten Island police station when asked about his gym schedule….


During the standoff, Tyree spoke to a reporter from DNA by phone stating the following:

‘I don’t know what they want. They just kicked in my door,’ Tyree calmly told DNAinfo New York earlier Friday morning.

Police were briefly in his home, but he beat them back by detonating a smoke grenade, which filled the place with heavy fumes, officials said.

‘I’m a person that takes life as it comes. It is what it is,’ said Tyree, who sources said heads the East Coast branch of the notorious Bloods gang.

‘I’m at peace,’ he told DNAinfo….

Video of gunfire between Tyree and law enforcement. Warning: Raw language –

Garland Tyree's AK-47. Image courtesy of DCI.

Garland Tyree’s AK-47. Image courtesy of DCI.

New York Daily News

Cops recovered three handguns in addition to the AK-47 from the dead man’s apartment, along with a pair of magazines loaded with more than 100 rounds of ammunition.

Tyree spent virtually his entire adult life behind bars, and was a high-ranking “O.G.” in the Bloods, said Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce.

His first bust was on a homicide rap at age 16, followed by 17 more arrests — including three federal convictions, two on gun charges. He was also found guilty of assaulting another inmate while in the federal Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, inflicting a gash that required 60 stitches to close….

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From the looks of his FB page, at times Tyree who spent the majority of his life incarcerated saw himself as a victim. “He was jailed at the age of 16 for a homicide just feet away from the scene where he was shot dead on Friday.”

Tyree, referred to as an O.G. by law enforcement, may have suspected that law enforcement was on to him, having vowed never to return to prison, spent the past couple of weeks reflecting unapologetically on his past (Facebook and Instagram screenshots below).

screenshot newspaper article about teen GARLAND TYREE possible involvement in shooting at party - Garland Tyree Facebook page 002

screenshot of Facebook post about fellow blood on Garland Tyree FB page


screenshot garland tyree facebook post


screenshot garland tyree facebook post about fellow blood


screenshot garland tyree instagram 003


screenshot garland tyree instagram 002

screenshot garland tyree instagram 001

screenshot garland tyree instagram 004

The world today has one less gangbanging thug. The problem is that in less than a New York minute, Garland Tyree will be replaced.