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BEFUNKY screenshotrupertmurdochjebbushandvaleriejarrett_Fotor_Collage

To begin with, let’s go to Progress Rose blog post entitled, LOOK WHO ARE JEB BUSH’S BUDDIES” filed under recent items at NY Ice.

August 2015. The Photo above depicting Jeb Bush with media monopolizer Murdoch and Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett is making the internet rounds.

With a smile reminiscent of those plastic “Chucky” diabolical dolls, Jeb Bush sits nice and cozy to eat with Murdoch and Jarrett.

A picture is worth a 1000 words, and this everybody-is-smiling Photo says that he is very friendly with the Obama debacle, as well as the mainstream media manipulator….

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[NOTE: Not throwing caution to the wind, rather than just posting the photograph referenced in the above article here which by the way is all over the blogosphere of Jeb Bush, Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett enjoying each other’s company at what is labeled by others as the 2014 Chamber of Commerce Dinner, I opted to use another image.

You can view the subject image at NY Ice, here , other blogs (just Google the image) or where I believe it may have originated, i.e., in a tweet dated December 1, 2014 @JohnBussey of WSJ #WSJCEOCOUNCIL, here. I agree with Progress Ross, after last week’s Fox News GOP Debate, correction dog and pony show, the subject photograph tells a story.]


Fox News, the GOP leadership, Progressive establishment of both parties are colluding to bring forth the candidate ordained worthy by elites and not the American voter to run for president in 2016 wasting no time to send the message is, “you will vote the way we tell you.”

Delivering the message as witnessed last week during the Fox News GOP debate (dog and pony show), were the Fox News moderators whose made it obvious that their goal was to eliminate Donald Trump.

As also pointed out by The Conservative Treehouse, Murdoch immediately after the debate dispatched the following tweet:

screenshot rupert murdoch tweet post fox news gop debate about trump 08072015

Katie Couric (yes, Katie Couric) did the same, attaching a photograph for good measure as provided by Conservative Treehouse in their post:

screenshot katie couric tweet to megyn kelly with photograph of Kelly Couric and hubby and Rupert Murdoch


Question: Why did Couric resend the tweet without the photograph?

screenshot katie couric tweet to megyn kelly withOUT photograph of Kelly Couric and hubby and Rupert Murdoch

The fact that Progressive media outlets were thrilled sends a message to Conservatives that something stinks.

Fox News Moderators Bring a Sharpened Edge to the Republican Debate Stage (New York Times)

Dredging up old misstatements. Questioning someone’s temperamental fitness to be president. Suggesting that someone else might let a woman die rather than allow her to have an abortion.

The Republican presidential candidates’ debate on Thursday night was notable for its pointed accusations, and for the sometimes-awkward glowering and silences that followed.

And that was just the moderators.

The triumvirate of Fox News anchors who ran the two-hour event — Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier — seemed to have one mission above all else in questioning the 10 would-be presidents they faced across the stage at the Quicken Loans Arena: Make them squirm…..

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Another face palm moment.

Another face palm moment.

Again, if Progressives are loving it, it can’t be good.

Did the GOP leadership believe that voters would not see through their shenanigans which by the way, gave Progressive media outlets plenty of ammunition to assist in the elimination of not only Donald Trump but other candidates that the GOP leadership intends to eliminate?

Not to mention, Hillary Clinton who defended Megyn Kelly as “Incredibly Impressive” opening the door for a Fox interview with Clinton, no doubt by Kelly.


Apparently, they did which brings me to another terminator for the Progressive establishment, Erick Erickson of RedState. For the 411 on Erickson, see my post, “Erick Erickson Rescinds Trump Invite to RedState Gathering over Megyn Kelly Remark.

When called out, Erickson employed Alinsky style tactics against opposing Conservatives, many of whom are not Trump supporters as claimed by Erickson, Fox News and other so-called Conservative media outlets in the pockets of the Republican Party leadership.

Bordering paranoia and/or guilt, Erickson speaking before the crowd at the RedState Gathering ridiculed and demeaned disapproving Conservatives at outraged his actions against Trump as he read aloud their social media messages.

RedState’s moderator even inadvertently exposed Erickson’s hand when responding to a commenter under an article at Redstate replied, “We need Donald Trump to disappear.” (Screenshot below)

Screenshot Redstates Response to Commenter exposes GOP leadership agenda to get rid of Donald Trump

What should be the final nail in RedState’s coffin and a revelation to Conservatives is that when it got too hot in the kitchen, a RedState moderator closed the comments section thus ignoring Conservatives pretty much like the Republican establishment does to those they have labeled “wacko birds” and “right wing extremists.” (Screenshot below.)

screenshot redstate moderator closes comments under Erick Erickson article disinviting Trump to Redstate Gathering

Comments were shut down Saturday during the RedState gathering. Today is Tuesday and comments remain closed.

The fix is in just as it was in 2012 and 2014.

In 2012, the GOP leadership at least waited a few weeks before betraying their voters.

In 2014, the betrayal came about only 24 hours after voters delivered the House and the Senate to the Republican Party.

Enter 2016, correction 2015 and the GOP leadership in collusion with Fox News and so-called Conservative media sites using the same playbook/timeframe to eliminate candidates are laughing in our faces.

They are hell bent on getting Jeb Bush into the White House by any means necessary and the voter be damned.

Also under attack is Ben Carson, whom Erickson made no effort to invite to the RedState Gathering and then employed smear tactics against Carson to justify his actions. See Breitbart’s,”Senior Ben Carson Adviser on Red State Snub: This ‘Smear and Outright Lie’ Will Not Stand.”

Erickson in the meantime bent over backwards and kissed Jeb Bush’s ring at the RedState Gathering and then tried to make excuses.

A must read is NY Magazine’s article, Rupert Murdoch Wants to Stop Donald Trump, But First He’s Got to Rein In Roger Ailes published two weeks before the debate. Apparently, Murdoch and the GOP leadership got their wish.

One more thing: About Megyn Kelly, not every female is buying it….

Bending over backwards on the dump the Donald train is TheBlaze.

Case in point, Matt Walsh, whose piece, I’m Not Angry At Donald Trump, I’m Angry At His Supporters attacks and denigrates not only Trump supporters, but those who oppose the actions taken by a so-called Conservative media as if we’re one of the stupid American voters churned out by the left demanding that voters just fall in line and let the elites make all the decisions because well, you’re just too uncivilized to make decisions about who leads the nation.

Speaking of demands, then there is George Will who insists that Trump supporters are “marginally connected’ to politics.”

Who’s “Marginally Connected”? George Will Says It’s Trump Supporters, Independent Sentinel by Sarah Noble

Trump’s popularity is in part a revulsion to political correctness. He is definitely not PC but people don’t want him attacked unfairly because of it.

People have had it with the media, the political class, and the mess of a country that used to be a Republic. Does anyone really believe we live in a Republic right now?

NBC conducted a scientific poll which showed that Trump was in the lead and Cruz and Carson are surging. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.

These are people who are not going along with the establishment….

The GOP leadership and their sock puppets in the media have the audacity to ask voters: “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?

Laura Ingraham Tweet re Jeb Bush 08112015

Source: Cropped image of Cain by Henri Vidal, in the Tuileries Gardens, Paris, 1896 – Wikimedia Commons.