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Video: Donald Trump Press Conference LA; victim’s families; Jamiel Shaw – FULL-UNEDITED

 Video: FULL Donald Trump Arizona Rally 15,000+ People

 Source:  Ask Marion.

Say what you will about Donald Trump but he is bringing a problem to light that the Progressive establishment in both parties AND the mainstream media has kept in the dark from Americans for decades.

Also kept in the dark is the fact that Americans in both parties share the same sentiments about illegal aliens and crime. Yeah, I said it. “Aliens” unless one prefers “thugs”, “savages”, “animals:, all of which are equally appropriate.

There are those whose agenda which by the way is detrimental to Americans and legal immigrants are incumbent upon keeping Americans in the dark. They don’t want Americans to hear from the victims, if they’re fortunate enough to survive or their families but the stories must be told.

Make illegal immigration and the horrific acts committed against Americans and legal immigrants by illegals a discussion in the 2016 presidential election. America must demand it.

The attacks on Donald Trump are intended to silence Trump and keep Americans in the dark, the intent of which is to distract the public from the threat posed against us.

I commend the families for coming forward and speaking up. I pray that more do and that Trump continues to bring them along to every press conference to every stop.

Finally, while everyone in the media from MSNBC to CBS to Glenn Beck assails Trump are doing the establishment’s dirty work, Trump’s message is resonating with millions of Americans and regardless of the spin, it is NOT a party-line thing.