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Source:  Wikipedia.  Creative Commons (screenshot).

Source: Wikipedia. Creative Commons (screenshot).


As usual and as not reported by the mainstream media, armored Black Hawk helicipters have touched down on the the Texas border, tip of Mexico.

The arrival of the helicopters is in response to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) helicopter that was fired upon from Mexico while attempting to intercept a drug operation on June 5, 2015.

The CBP helicopter while airborne over U. S. soil was struck several times, and forced to make an emergency landing.

Of course, the Mexican government who deploys Black Hawk helicopters to patrol their side of the border is not responding kindly to the arrival of armed American Black Hawk helicopters to protect U. S. border patrol agents on American soil.

Breitbart by Brandon Darby

The Mexican government acted with outrage when knowledge of the armored helicopters being sent to the border first broke. Even though the Mexican government uses Blackhawk helicopters to patrol their side of the border, the U.S. using them sparked Mexico’s foreign relations secretariat to issue a statement. As Ildefonso Ortiz reported:

Mexico’s foreign relations secretariat issued a statement expressing their disapproval of the Texas measure, stating that it hurt relations between their country and the United States….

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