Honor the fallen America. Let their deaths and the grief of their family, friends and loved ones not be in vain. God bless them all. We thank them for their service.

Yinz to Y'all

It’s National Police Week in the United States, so I decided not to write-up a typical blog post.  Instead I chose to simply list the names of the 126 officers who lost their lives in 2014.  These people were not just officers.  They were husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters.  Their parents remember holding them for the first time, dropping them off for their first day of kindergarten, watching them play little league baseball, and go on their first dates.  They had friends, they joked, they cried, they did great things, and they were as fallible as any of us.  They were people just like you and me.

Working in law enforcement has, and has always had, challenges few can understand. As of late, things have become particularly difficult as specific actions by some officers have come under heavy scrutiny (sometimes with reason). However, the narrative being promoted by…

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