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Anita Sarkeesian Twitter Screenshot



If you haven’t been embroiled in the “Gamer Gate” debacle where feminist social justice warriors go on the attack against video game “misogyny,” consider yourself lucky. One of the chick generals in the war is Anita Sarkeesian, who produced a bunch of videos detailing what she considers sexism in video games. When it comes to facing criticism herself, however, she’s less than open to dissenting voices:

Dear @google: Could your algorithm maybe not classify random YouTube hate videos as “news” in search results? Thanks. pic.twitter.com/7WTMICVOuQ

— Feminist Frequency (@femfreq) April 5, 2015

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How typical of Progressives to “play the gender card” in their never-ending declarations of what is sexist shooting poison arrows from every direction at those targeted, in this instance, the gaming industry.

Even more typical is the audacity of mad feminists (among others on the left) to seek cover, in this instance from Google, when those targeted fire back and hit their mark.