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I have been following the appearances of Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on Fox News programs for years.

Peters has been calling Barack Obama out for refusing to call Islamic terrorism by its name, his numerous “cowardly” responses to acts by jihadists against the West, Christians, Muslims and Jews, the latest of which is the ditherer’s response to last week’s Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris.


Then we have the piece de resistance where Peters on Monday took Obama to the woodshed.


“The president is a coward. The president is a physical coward, he is a moral coward, he is an intellectual coward…”


Strong words indeed but the hat fits.

As for Obama’s problem with optics, that is just an excuse the despot keeps in his back pocket.

Fully aware of the repercussions Obama who blames everything on “his failed perception of optics” (oh cry me a river) does not give a damn. Thus, any claims by the media and pundits that the Paris snub is a wakeup call for Obama is delusional.

Of course, in Obama’s world, once he blames it on optics, the discussion is officially over.