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Chicago Teachers' Union protest fight for minimum wage hike protest on Veterans Day 2014Going so far as to remind its members that schools are not in session on Tuesday, November 11, Veterans Day, the Chicago (Communist) Teachers Union will be protesting for a minimum wage hike instead of paying tribute to our veterans.

EAG News

Instead of honoring those in the Armed Forces who have served and sacrificed for American freedom, the union is encouraging its members to attend a protest rally at downtown Chicago’s James R. Thompson Center Nov. 11, according to the union’s website.

‘Take back Chicago!’ union CTU’s flyer reads. ‘As the Mayor prepares to push his budget through City Council, join community organizations, unions, parents, veterans and more to protest Rahm (Emanuel)’s budget and rally for a different future of Chicago.’

Marathon Pundit blasted the CTU for disregarding American troops.

‘Leave it to the liberals to ruin and politicize everything,’ Marathon Pundit posted….

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One can always count on these Communists pigs to stay classy.