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Does Harry Reid look pissed or what?

During Friday’s post-election day luncheon at the White House attended by Barack Obama and leaders of the Republican Party and Progressives, a clearly irritated Obama in the midst of a contentious debate between the parties shut down an attempt by Joe Biden to discuss immigration with John Boehner.

A Republican aide reported to the Associated Press that John Boehner asked Obama for more time to work on the legislation.

Underscoring his intent to take executive action by year’s end, Obama responded that he has been waiting for Republicans to act since 2013 (no mention of all the bills collecting dust in Harry Reid’s office).

Biden then asked Boehner how long would Republicans need and it was at this moment that Obama angrily cut Biden off.

A Progressive aide insisted that Obama was “firm but courteous,” while denying that Obama cut his vice president off…yeah right.

Such actions by Obama would imply one or more of the following, (i) Obama and Biden strategies of implementing immigration differ; (ii) Obama does not intend to collaborate with Republicans on the subject of immigration; (iii) all appearances, photo ops, press conferences, etc. are an illusion aka another Obama deception; and (iv) Obama’s primary goal continues to be one party rule, i.e., the ultimate destruction of the Republican Party.

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