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Far too many parents or guardians fill out school questionnaires tendering information that has nothing to do with their child(ren) receiving an education. The good thing is that parents, guardians are speaking up and taking a stand.

The data gathered from these questionnaires will follow a child throughout his or her life going so far as to determine that child’s station as ordained by the government.

How ironic is it that the same politicians pushing class warfare are spearheading the creation of a new caste system in America that includes a compilation of data on every individual only to be used later on to impede opportunity and upward mobility against certain individuals or groups.

So Why Be Concerned About the Data Tracking of Personally Identifiable Information? A Congressional Candidate Tells You Why.

What questions are on your district’s kindergarten enrollment form? Who is accessing this information and why?

Missouri Education Watchdog

There has been a spirited discussion on a Facebook thread about information needed on a kindergarten admission form about the mother’s pregnancy: details of how the child was delivered and if the baby was premature. This is ostensibly to determine if the child is suffering any delays from a difficult birthing process and would aid educational professionals for teaching strategies.

We wrote about the new forms for kindergarten entrance in October 2013 and one’s mother refusal to fill out these forms. The principal tied the data requirement into the CCSSI (as the Initiative requires the expansion of longitudinal data systems for data tracking). From Kindergarten – No One Gets In Without A Health Form:

I marched over to the elementary school office with the first page filled out in the registration packet only, and handed it to the secretary. When she flipped through the papers and noticed everything else was blank, she told me I’d have to get the rest done before my son could be registered. When I told her I wasn’t going to be getting the rest filled out, she told me that was “just procedure” for all kids, and that […]

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