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Seriously… the answer is probably no, which means he put together the known facts about the Ukraine situation, and came to the same conclusions as The Mad Jewess.

More on that a few paragraphs down.

Yesterday morning, while most people are still asleep I was going through the news reading whatever articles caught my attention. I happened to click on Jed Babbin’s American Spectator article “Death On Putin’s Playground“. The article was pretty much a rehash of what every one else has been saying about the downing of MH 17 over rebel held territory in Eastern Ukraine.

In all fairness Babbin’s article had a slightly different twist, but for the most part, it was the same old, same old.

Putin gave the Russian Separatists the BUK Missiles to Ukraine, John Kerry’s State Department says Putin’s insurgents fired them. Case Closed.. Babbin didn’t bother to mention that the Ukrainian’s also have BAK Missiles and Russian Trained operators.

I’m also more than a little skeptical of anything that comes out of Hanoi John Kerry’s State Department.. It was only a year ago that he told us the horrific chemical attack the killed hundreds of Syrian civilians was the work of the Syrian Government, because the rebels didn’t posses the chemicals or have a delivery system. When he said it I’d already found proof Obama’s so called good rebels owned the both the chemicals and the delivery system.. a later MIT study determined the attack had to originate from positions held by the Rebels held the only positions the day of the attack..

Getting back to Ukraine… There’s another reason I’m skeptical about the Administration’s positition

The Mad Jewess, a friend and contributor at Grumpy Opinions has a different take…..

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Allow me to bask and reflect on the theory that great minds think alike.  In the meantime, why don’t you head over to new website of  the The Mad Jewess, here.  I promise you will not be disappointed unless, of course, you’re a Commie troll.