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According to Hussein Obama we have a humanitarian crisis on our southern border. That translates to – YOU must do the humanitarian thing i.e. feed, clothe, medicate, transport these “poor children.” Oddly enough, this is such a crisis that a radio person (I won’t name rather than turn some of you off) pointed out the other day there are no cameras! No main stream media has even bothered to show up!

Paraphrasing unnamed person – Where are the cameras? If it is such a humanitarian crisis it has to be the first that has not been aired live on national TV in 60 years. Every hurricane, volcano, tsunami, airplane – Anderson Cooper and Sheppard Smith are ten feet away from each other reporting 24/7 for a week. And the president is aloof, not engaged…..Why?

Once again we are being treated to the magician’s touch. Watch the left hand, not the one behind my back….

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Wake up America. Have you taken a GOOD look at what is being touted as “the poor children” making their way across the U.S.-Mexico border? Actually, I suspect that because of the blackout that most Americans have not.

poor children coming to America


The poor children, yeah right. Raise your hands if you get a warm, fuzzy feeling deep inside when looking at these guys.  How about a tug deep down in your heart, you know, the awwwwwwww factor?  Then ask yourself whether you want the likes of these characters sitting at the school desk next to a family member? Talking to your sister, daughter?