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Officers draped towels over the balcony of a breezeway just outside the doors to the rooms of the motel to shield two of the bodies from people on nearby Ocean Boulevard. Image - Daily Mail.

Officers draped towels over the balcony of a breezeway just outside the doors to the rooms of the motel to shield two of the bodies from people on nearby Ocean Boulevard. Image – Daily Mail.


Three people were shot and killed and five injured Saturday night, the second day of a three-day event in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

 Fox News (Carolina)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Three people were shot and killed at the Bermuda Sands Motel on Ocean Boulevard late Saturday night, a police official confirmed.

Officers responded to a call of shots fired at the motel near First Avenue North at about 11 p.m., said Myrtle Beach Police Captain David Knipes. Police arrived to find four shooting victims. One person was transported to a nearby hospital, and the other three were pronounced dead at the scene.

‘You always try to prepare for the unexpected. We’ve had shooting incidents before,’ Capt. Knipes said.

A witness who did not wish to be identified said that the shooting started from ‘somebody fighting in the streets over something that happened in the streets. Somebody told somebody to move out the streets. Basically, that’s what happened, that’s what escalated from the beginning….’

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Raw footage – Warning: Violent, graphic language.

Black Bike Week shooting - Image: Rap, Hip Hop Exclusive Blogspot.

Black Bike Week shooting – Image: Rap, Hip Hop Exclusive Blogspot.

Immediately below are two videos. The first contains footage of the shootings and the second contains events afterwards, as posted on YouTube, of course.

WARNING: Graphic content and language.

H/t Rap and Hip Hop Exclusives.

Killed were Gaddis Barnwell, age 21, Devonte Dantzler, age 22 both from Summerville and 28-year old Jamie Williams from Ladson, South Carolina.

The event, African American motorcycle rally aka Black Bike Week boasts to be the largest African American motorcycle rally in the county although in recent years it has evolved to include many non-bike events such as concerts and streets festivals.”

The following statement was posted several hours ago on Black Bike Week’s Facebook page:

R.I.P. to the folks who lost their live last night over something so petty SMH….
Leave the drama at home, We come to the beach to ride and party. Don’t be judging the whole event by the action of a few dumb ass trying to spoil it for everybody.
Our condolences go out to the family of the victims.
And anybody who got Tips on the lames that did the shooting last night, Snitch!! Get them lame a** N**** off the street ASAP!!
I’m going to be keeping everyone update as more info come out.”


Translation: “…ain’t no party like a east coast party cuz a east coast party don’t stop” — As of this posting, Black Bike Week’s Facebook page has not posted any updates to Saturday night’s shootings. However, the gathering continues, Monday being the final day.


History of violence

While the NAACP filed a lawsuit and levied claims of racism aka “Operation Bike Week Justice”, the mainstream media has often turned a blind eye to the occurrence of criminal elements attracted to such events as Black Bike Week, Urban Beach Week, Black College Week, Freaknik, etc.

Such claims do not negate the fact that the crime and violence have led to arrests, complaints from businesses and residents in the communities where these gatherings have taken place. Not racist, just facts.

As reported in 2012:


Miami Beach shooting – Memorial Day weekend 2011 Urban Beach Week:

Uploaded to YouTube May 30, 2011:

One person was killed and seven others — including three police officers — were injured in a series of early morning Memorial Day shootings in South Beach, police said.

The first shooting happened shortly before 4 a.m. after police opened fire on a car in the area of Collins Avenue and 15th Street.
Urban Beach Week 2014

As reported by CBS, arrests are down this year at South Beach mostly due to a decline in attendance and a heavy police presence. See video below:


In addition, the clubs in South Beach made the wise decision to remain closed during this year’s Urban Beach Week.

Finally, it is reprehensible that the NAACP could care less how about the Black bodies piling up in the abortion mills and on the streets of America so long as they stand to profit from levying accusations of racism.

While levying claims of racist profiling and harassment against police and racism against those communities bloodied, trashed and destroyed during these events, the NAACP will never address the real problem, violence and the criminals preying at these events because it would put them out of business.


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