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screenshot NYU teacher takes students for May Day field trip; Communist freaks out 05032014


Republished from Tavern Keepers

As a former resident of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Jaffe is keenly aware of the pain and suffering caused under communism. Jaffe often goes to various protests to ask people about their views.

A new video Jaffe posted on YouTube is yet another illustration that academic indoctrination is alive and well at universities across the country. The video was taken on ‘May Day,’ and shows an NYU professor holding signs for the Communist group, ‘May 1st coalition for worker and immigrant rights.’

The website reveals this year’s ‘main demands,’

This year’s main demands are: raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, legalization not deportations or detentions, and immediate contracts with full retro pay for all workers.’

Some of their “endorsers” include various unions, as well as the Workers Communist Organization and the Workers World Party.

Jaffe spoke with the professor, who brought her students to the event. She said that the course is ‘Latina Feminisms, which is offered through the NYU Department of Social & Cultural Analysis….




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Run and hide. See Communists run and hide, Tommy. See Communists run and hide Susie, rather than answer the questions and stand up for their misguided ideology. You would think that such a response would send chills up the spines of useful idiots.