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Be Sure You’re Right

the-adviser“America’s national security cannot be entrusted to left-wing Democrats.” — Richard Winchester….

Pick a topic, any topic. Barack Obama and his “progressive” cohorts have been wrong about it. Global warming? “Arab Spring”? Stimulus? Benghazi? Syria? The “reset” with Russia? Obamacare? His is a braintrust that has achieved perfection — they’re always wrong.

Why a population of theoretically intelligent citizens continues to trust with their country’s future left-wing politicians who have proved themselves monumentally unqualified to govern is a question best answered by a qualified psychotherapist or two (if such things exist). “You Bet Your Life” should be remembered as a TV show from the ’50s, not a description of America in the second decade of the 21st century. Even such a formerly staunch Democratic media ally as the Washington Post has come to realize an eternal truth: Nations will always respect strength and take advantage of weakness….

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