The Obama Mafia takes lawlessness of our politicians to an all new low.

Adina Kutnicki

People, especially juries, tend to look for “smoking guns” when trying to determine another’s guilt or innocence. Well and good. But it is often the case that circumstantial evidence – threads which weave together to demonstrate criminal intent and culpability- is more than enough to paint the full picture. Many vile criminals have been locked up due to said needling.

NOW, in relation to Obama Inc. – a criminal enterprise dressed up as the leadership of the free world – anyone who is waiting for a “smoking gun”, well, good luck with that. Yes, it would be great to have recordings of this and that, but rational folks understand it ain’t gonna happen.

In light of the above, it is instructive to piece together the intersecting linkages of guilt. As such, we will see how we came from there to here – to two interlocking crimes; one which IGNORES…

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