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Fox 12 Oregon

ROMEO, MI (WDIV/CNN) – A Michigan father says he’s outraged at a question on his daughter’s biology homework assignment….

…The question reads, ‘The sister of the mom above also had issues with finding out who the father of her baby was. She had the state take a blood test of potential fathers. Based on the information in this table, why was the baby taken away by the state after the test?’

As if that question was not tacky enough, the list of potential fathers were bartender, guy at the club, cab driver or flight attendant.

Her father, Larry Basaj, took one look at the homework and was not happy….

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According to the article, the parent spoke to the superintendent in charge of the school district who informed him that the question came from teachingbioformatics.com; however, the link itself leads one to a dead-end.

The correct site is Bioinformatics Activity Bank (screenshot of website and correct link below).

Bioinformatics Activity Bank - teachingbioinformatics_fandm_edu

Take heed parents, our educational institutions are preying upon and corrupting the minds of our young.