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Dartmouth College

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An anonymous message recently posted on a gossip website affiliated with Dartmouth College that some have described as a guide on how to rape a particular freshman female has rocked the Ivy League institution and prompted students to rally in support of the young woman and demand justice.

The explicit post on “Bored @ Baker” named the student and went into detail on how to strong-arm her into having sex through the use of alcohol and coercion….

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Dartmouth administrators who look upon the institution’s notorious for its fraternity rape culture, parallel to the college’s hazing and alcohol abuse culture as boys will be boys, refused to do anything on behalf of the student other than move her to another dorm.

The student feeling that she had no other alternative pasted the offending message with her story in a plea for help on the Dartmouth’s Facebook page, immediately after which hundreds picked up the post and shared it across social media.

It was at this point that the college initiated an investigation and contacted the police. Shame on Dartmouth.

One often wonders with the rape culture that is permitted to fester on the grounds of colleges how many of the college officials are themselves guilty of having committed sexual assaults during their college days. H/t College Insurrection.

On a final note, the Progressive ideology compassionate to casual sex, sexual deviance, sexual aggression, homosexuality, free contraceptives, abortions and lack of accountability for one’s actions play a role in the campus rape culture.