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A Manhattan civil rights law firm is representing the family of Miriam Carey in a lawsuit against the Secret Service and D.C. Capitol police.

Last October Miriam Carey allegedly rammed her vehicle into a checkpoint barricade at the White House fleeing shortly thereafter in a high speed chase followed by the U.S. Secret Service and U. S. Capitol Police in pursuit. The chase ended with the death of the young dental hygienist.

At the time of Carey’s death, her one year old was in the car but not injured.

The Free Patriot

…Carey’s sister, Valerie Carey, has filed a $75 million wrongful death suit against the United States of America, the United States Secret Service-Uniform Division, and The United States Capitol Police. The family is also demanding immediate identification and termination of the police officer, supervisors, managers, and all other related employees who failed to issues orders to cease pursuit of Miriam, and establish firearm control in the matter….

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We must demand justice for Miriam Carey and her baby girl. Clearly, there is a cover up in play. Finally, let’s not forget that the death of Carey is the result of Obama’s paramilitarized America.

Right the wrongs.

See press release: The Carey Family Files Notice to Sue In Shooting