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child psychiatry

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New York State Senate Bill A8186-2013 would require psychiatric evaluations for all children enrolled in schools to certify that they are mentally fit to attend school. NY State Senator Margaret Markey, Queens, New York, introduced it in 2013 and it has been referred to the Education Committee. If the measure were to pass, it would require all public schoolchildren in New York to have two health examinations in elementary grades and two in high school. These health exams must include a psychological evaluation, which certifies “that the child is mentally fit to permit attendance at [public] school.” […]

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“Mandatory” psychiatric evaluations that include the student’s BMI index and weight status? I have a grand idea. How about New Yorker’s demand psychiatric evaluations, the BMI index and weight status of elected bureaucrats?

How about non-elected bureaucrats?

How about schoolteachers? Yes, bring the teachers into the picture and watch this legislation die fast.

Next, who is going to foot the bill for this latest act of government overreach?

Finally, New York, let us demand that the same elitists pushing this legislation undergo the proposed assault on our children themselves and with the understanding that should they disapprove, they are no longer welcome in Our state because that’s not who New Yorkers are.