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Stop Common Core in NY

The Slavery of the Mind, by Michael Bohr ~

I have been watching as the discussion has progressed over the last several weeks, as parents and teachers gathered together in the fight against the Common Core and all its machinations.

There are so many of us coming together from all across the political spectrum, that our use of terminology employed to describe those behind the CCSS finds us at odds with one another.

“It’s the progressives, the communists, the corporations, the capitalists, the Republicans, the Democrats, and so on and so on.”

Well, we are all correct and we are all wrong at the same time. We have been pitted against one another and lied to by those we thought to trust. Our fingers have been pointed at each other as the cause of all our woes, while those who should be the targets of our frustrations smile and laugh at us.

What we are facing here is a hybrid of all those things that has become something new but has at its heart the same as it ever was. A totalitarian system of oppression, ruled by an elite class. It is fascism, under a name we have yet to give it.

The assault on education (public, private and charter alike) is a calculated attempt by very wealthy people, some hiding behind a Corporate name or Foundation, aligned with very powerful politicians working together to take over the root of all individual power… knowledge. The education of the young. Adults need to be convinced that something is the way they are told it is, children inherently take it as fact, no questions asked. And so, our schools are being subjected to a hostile, quasi-corporate/federal takeover….

…The Common Core is not education, it is the whips and chains of a New Age, a “New World Order”.

For us, it is nothing less than a Slavery of the Mind…

Michael Bohr is an author, education activist, original member of the Badass Teachers Assoc., Administrator of the Badass Parents Assoc. and the father of two. Follow Michael on Facebook The Contemporary Insurgent


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