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23384_I_Cover_Libro_USBanana The United States of Banana and Empire of Dreams

Front Page Magazine (Daniel Greenfield) excerpts

The American Studies Associated has come up on the radar with their racist boycott of Israel. But it was unsurprising considering how radicalized the ASA had become….A sample of the ASA’s extremism can be gleaned from its annual meeting in Puerto Rico last year….

… there was “celebrated Puerto Rican poet and writer Giannina Braschi” who read “from her recent work, including The United States of Banana and Empire of Dreams.”

The United States of Banana begins by mocking the attacks of September 11 in the most gruesome way possible by featuring a businessman falling from the sky….

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Giannina Brasch’s The United States of Banana, is broken down into approximately 2 minute videos which appears to makes a mockery of the final moment(s) before and after of those who tumbling from windows of the World Trade Center. After all, if it weren’t for capitalism then those who perished 911 trying to earn a living rather than live off the government dole would not have been at the World Trade Center that day (sarcasm).

In what we gave come to expect of academia, it appears that Brasch has capture without emotion and through a lens of her own, the pain of family members when claiming the remains of their loved ones.