5,000 sing Zach Sobiech's 'Clouds' in memory of Zach Sobeich at Mall of America  Collage

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Somewhere, up in the clouds, Zach Sobiech was smiling on Thursday night.

As a choir of about 5,000 singers sang Sobiech’s hit song “Clouds,” his girlfriend, Amy Adamle, looked around the rotunda of Mall of America in Bloomington….

…The event was organized by the KS95 for Kids Radiothon, which started Thursday. The two-day annual radiothon, a benefit for the Children’s Cancer Research Fund and Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, has raised more than $12 million since it was started in 1999.

Sobiech, who died of a rare form of bone cancer in May at age 18, got his first big break during the radiothon last year….

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Zach Sobiech

Zach Sobiech

Published on YouTube, Dec 6, 2013 by Woolly Rhino Productions

On December 6, 2012, during Ryan & Shannon’s KS95 for Kids Radiothon, KS95 debuted a song by Zach Sobiech, a teen with cancer, called “Clouds.” Zach and the song became a worldwide sensation, touching the hearts of millions. One year later 5,000 fans gathered at Mall Of America for KS95′s Ryan & Shannon’s Largest Clouds Choir to remember Zach, who passed away in May of 2013.

To make a donation to Ryan & Shannon’s KS95 for Kids Radiothon to help kids living with cancer and disabilities, click here: http://www.ks95.com/ks95-for-kids/

As I prepared this post, I listened to several versions of Zach’s song, each one more beautiful than the last. Then I ran across a version a PS 22 Chorus (video).

PS22 Chorus “Clouds” by Zach Sobiech

Clouds’ was written by a truly inspiring young man named Zach Sobiech. He was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, an often deadly bone cancer that affects many kids, and was recently given a prognosis of only months to live. Only 17 years old, Zach was able to transform his pain into inspiration by writing this beautiful song. I shared it with the chorus as well as his story, and the kids really wanted to do this for him. Thanks to Taliah for making this dedication extra special with her beautiful soloing, and to one of our former chorus members, Matthew from the 2006 group, for bringing my attention to the song. And of course biggest thanks go to Zach for reminding us all that there is always courage, hope, and beauty to be found, even within the depths of despair.

What a beautiful tribute to a young man managed to make such a huge impact on so many in the little time he had with his family, friends and loved ones.