Obamacare insurance cancellations 11142013 - Image couortesy of Megyn Kelly/The Kelly File

Obamacare insurance cancellations 11142013 – Image couortesy of Megyn Kelly/The Kelly File

The House voted earlier this afternoon 261-157 in favor of H.R. 3350, the Keep Your Health Plan Act aka Upton bill.  Crossing party lines, 39 Democrats voted with Republicans, 4 Republicans voted against.

The legislation would permit Americans who lost their health insurance plans because of Obamacare the opportunity to purchase new plans effective January 1, 2014 through 2014.

Fred Upton put the legislation together in the midst of millions of Americans receiving cancellation letters of their health insurance plans effective December 31, 2013.

Under the Upton Bill, insurers would be permitted to purchase the soon to expire plans to anyone, including new customers January 1, 2014 through 2014.

if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it for a little while

Even if the Upton bill were to by some fluke pass in the Senate, the White House has just doubled down on Barack Obama promise to veto the legislation.  (Translation:  “If you like you’re healthcare plan, you cannot keep it.  I was lying when I said you could.”)

As expected, Progressives accusing Republicans of sabotaging Obamacare are attacking the Upton bill.


…Representative Jim McGovern, Democrat of Massachusetts, said Mr. Upton’s bill was an attempt to ‘drag us back to the bad old days of the American health care system.’ It would, he said, allow insurers to sell ‘cut-rate shoddy policies that lack the consumer protections of the Affordable Care Act….’

Nancy Pelosi adding her two cents of propaganda said that the Mr. Upton’s bill “pulls the plug on the Affordable Care Act.”

Clearly, this was an opportunity that Republicans could not allow themselves to pass up, let us pray that it is not to their detriment especially since Americans do not want to give up their healthcare plans period, something that will not change a year from now.

As millions more of Americans are continue to receive cancellation letters, Obama’s unconstitutionally bogus Obamacare fix may have thwarted the mass defection of Democrats (for the moment), Republicans still managed to throw the ball back into the Progressive court.