blame republicans

Daily Beast

…Obama and liberals were winning the argument. Then came the epic incompetence of the last few weeks. The rollout of the insurance exchange that is central to the success of the Affordable Care Act has been nothing short of a disaster. This failure is a double whammy…

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Anxious to celebrate the realization of Barack Terrorista Hussein Obama’s fundamental transformation of America with the unfurling of, the White House enlisted its media lapdogs and ideological pundits to televise the roll out the first week of October.

Mainstream media lapdogs bragged anxiously about how they would sign up for Obamacare on live, as if Americans were hanging on to their end of their seats, in celebration of Hussein Obama’s moment of victory while delighting in the final conquest of the Republican Party.  Oh joy.



None was prepared for the failure of, Obamacare and everything has come thereafter.

Even worse for the ideologues is that the extent of the Obama administration’s publicly “self-inflicted wounds” makes it impossible for the elitists in the White House and their lapdogs to squash reports and furor of outraged Americans.


After years of attacking and blaming POTUS43, the Tea Party, seniors and the GOP because of our opposition to Obamacare, Commie ideological pundits after carrying Obama’s water for the full term cannot put this on Republicans, POTUS43, seniors, the Tea Party.

Commie ideologues are, however, pointing the finger at insurance companies, many of whom either lobbied for Obamacare or forced to go along.

And this too shall fail.  That being said, Election Day 2014 cannot get here soon enough, provided the Republican Progressive establishment does not blow it.