Pastor Ken Hutcherson

Excerpt: “…I have to tell you Al, I have seen your work, it has been weighed, it has been measured, and it has been found wanting. Daniel 5:27….”

Job well done Pastor Hutcherson for calling out Barack Hussein Obama primo race baiter, propagandist aka overseer for the Progressive plantation.

A few years back the granddaughter of a long-time friend found herself in legal trouble.  This long-time friend, Black American, avid kool-aid drinker and quite innocent I was soon to learn, came to me one morning and asked if I thought Al Sharpton would take her granddaughter’s case.

This is the ONLY time in my life that I felt bad speaking the truth about Sharpton.  I told her straight out that she would have to pay the man big, then sell her soul, that of her granddaughter and family to the Progressive agenda.

My advice to this woman, “Put your faith in God not Al” which she did and in time things turned around and her granddaughter was soon back at home with her family.

Are you listening Al, the Alinsky style tactics are the equivalent of a dog that will no longer hunt.

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