Red Alert

Re-blogged from Voting American.

Martial Law Obama

Why is our government stocking up on massive amounts of

Hollow-Point Ammunition?

Department of Homeland Security: 1.2 billion .40-caliber JHP

National Weather Service: 46,000 .40-caliber JHP

Social Security Administration: 174,000 .357 JHP

Remember jacketed hollow points (JHP) are a type of bullet that is intended to inflict the most damage to flesh of any bullet type….


Indeed, that is the question of the day.  What is next? MARTIAL LAW?

To the disdain of Facebook, I maintain two accounts, one is for the purpose of my blog and the other is to stay in touch with the young folks in my family who are distracted by social media and the illusion of freedom.

Being a good grandmother and aunt, I feed them posts such as the one above by patriot and fellow blogger, Samiam over at Voting American.

The younger generation is overwhelmingly self-absorbed and most of them will “friend” a dog bone which means that if I post such post on their Facebook page, everyone that they have friended will see the posts as well (something to do with settings).

It is my way of spreading the message to the young, clueless and indoctrinated in the hopes that something will stick.

Mention martial law and even the most mesmerized of Obama zombies will shake out of his or her stupor for a moment not that I am referring to anyone in my family as an Obama zombie.  Besides, none of them would admit it…..to me.

Okay, okay.  There are a few but they would never friend me in the first place.

The bottom line is America had better wake up fast.  Those who ignore the signals do so to their own peril.  It will too late once those MRAP’s come barreling down one’s street.   H/t Lady Raven.