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Clearly Wednesday was a good day for the right as many on the left took a step closer to the right, if only for a day, to support Senator Rand Paul’s epic filibuster CIA director, John Brennan and Barack Obama’s drone policy and the killing of Americans on and off U. S. soil.

Code Pink (@CodePink) using the still trending hash tag #standwithRand tweeted their pleasure and support of Paul’s epic filibuster of Brennan and Obama’s drone policies.

They even went so far to as to up a twitter page which as of this post recording all #standwithRand tweets. See Code Pink (@CodePink) tweets below:

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Code Pink who plans to visit Paul’s office today to render their support and urge the Senator to oppose Obama’s drone killings of non-Americans issued the following press release.  See screenshot below.

 Screenshot Press Release CODEPINK and Others Deliver Thanks to Rand Paul’s Office for Filibuster on Drones, Will also visit offices of Democrats to Object to Brennan as head of CIA

It has occurred to many within the past twenty-four hours as I am sure it has to the disdain of Obama and his Marxist elites that even the most die-hard Marxist has no intention of parting with his or her Constitutional rights.  I find this revelation particularly interesting coming from Progressives whom always appeared willing to jump off a bridge for their messiah.

So what’s up with that?

Are these people hypocrites or what?

Do Progressives realize that the utopia as promised by Obama has more to do with shredding the U. S. Constitution, a police state, drones and killing Americans?

How say you about an organization claiming non-partisanship while far too often foaming at the mouth and doing everything else but walking the walk?

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As the day goes by, I will post any tweets from those on the left who tweeted or posted their support of Rand Paul on Facebook, provided Facebook has not yet deleted the posts.