Just a week before the New Year, Obama enjoyed his highest approval ratings of 2012. According to Gallup, 58% of Americans approved of the job Obama was doing. Survey results released today by Gallup, though, show Obama’s approval rating has plummeted to just 49%. It is a dramatic drop, especially coming over a holiday period when people traditionally pay little attention to politics. Four years ago, at his first inauguration, a full 69% of Americans approved of Obama….


Gallup Obama Job Approval downward 01222013 SCREENSHOT

This poll says a few things.

  • Americans on both sides of the park are unwilling to part with their liberties.
  • Progressive elitists and their Marxist media puppets besides deceiving and attempting to brainwash the American people with their faux news reports into willingly parting with their right to bear arms are far out of step with we, the people.
  • The unfurling of Obama’s aggressive agenda along with over confident and emboldened Progressives are already igniting a spark in Americans that will unleash one heck of a backlash.
  • While zombies elected Obama because of his smile and the fact that he has the charm of a snake oil salesman, many also realize that in the light of day the policies and ideology of their messiah are detrimental to the existence of this country and its people.