Non-union need not apply


A bill that was authored by an Ironworkers’ union organizer to expand union-only Project Labor Agreements–to include Hurricane Sandy cleanup and reconstruction–passed the New Jersey Senate on Monday along party lines 23-13.

The Ironworkers’ union organizer who drafted the pro-union bill, Steven Sweeney, also happens to be the president of the New Jersey Senate and recently accused New Jersey Governor Chris Christie of “praying” for Hurricane Sandy to hit New Jersey….

…According to Patrick Stewart, the president of New Jersey’s Associated Builders & Contractors–a trade organization comprised of primarily merit shop construction businesses opposed to the legislation, the bill now heads to the New Jersey assembly and, if it passes there, it may or may not be signed into law (or amended) by Governor Chris Christie….




I will eliminate special interest labor union giveaways that increase spending and taxes by ending the use of project labor agreements, which drive up the cost of public construction projects and fail to deliver a public benefit at a time when the economy is shedding jobs and taxpayers are struggling to make ends meet.”  Chris Christie, Project Vote Smart


The costs of union contractors is 18-24% higher than that of non-union contractors. Taxpayers deserve a better deal than the one passed in the New Jersey Senate earlier this week but will Chris Christie who has at every opportunity been sucking to Obama since last fall and is up for re-election next year stick to the pledge that he made when running for governor (excerpt above)?


I do not know about New Jersey but here in New York City union contractors take forever to complete a job. The costs are always several time more than the original estimate and the cow (overtime) is milked well past bone dry.

Moreover, upon completion of the job, it becomes obvious that the work is substandard thus requiring the job redone. This scenario repeats itself several times plus before the job is close to meeting the required standards.

It is repulsive that Progressives on many levels are behaving like pigs in a trough while Americans whose lives were upended due to Superstorm Sandy continue to suffer and the nation goes belly up.

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Source:  88 WAYS CHRIS CHRISTIE WILL FIX NEW JERSEY, Project vote smart