Christmas greetings

Here we are the Friday before Christmas and just about everyone is either out of work for the Christmas weekend or will be finishing up the day in the coming hours.

This latest compilation, I hope, expresses that breath of fresh air and joy that we feel as we begin our Christmas celebrations.

The music provided in this post, is for the most part “easy” listening and a little mellow.  Some of the artists in the following compilation are from the early rock and roll, doo wop and jazz era.


So whatever you prefer, a cup of spiced egg nog, Wild Turkey, mulled cider, rum punch or brandy is a great way to start the evening.  Better yet, if you’re in the company of children, don’t leave them about.


How about a s’more mocktail for the children?  They will love it, turn on the Christmas light and then on to some family caroling.  Enjoy.

Here we go a caroling