Al Gore Global Warming An Inconvenient Bunch of Bullshit

Published on Dec 7, 2012 by vipdatta1vip

Al Gore addresses the American Association for the Advancement of Science….

Damn it, Al Gore is worse than a recurring bout with the flu.  Of course, the former vice president could care less about the people devastated by Sandy.  He only gives a damn about his global warming agenda.

Al Gore Global Footprint bigfoot-gore-climate-warming-hypocrite-politics-1309349522 Politifake

Not to mention, Gore’s footprint is larger than every animal in Africa times ten.  Gore is a hypocrite AND a farce.

Can it be that Gore’s lambasting of Obama is intended to set a fire under the epic failure in the Oval Office?  Gore might want to tread carefully unless he wants to labeled a racist.

Alternatively, is it a ploy by Progressives from Obama down to use as an excuse to move on as if global warming is some sort of mandate?

Is this an attempt to goad and manipulate the American people on this farce?

Just wondering.