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Uploaded on Youtube 11/12/2012 by BONDActionInc

KINFOLK’S CORNER – TOPIC: Fireworks fly as Jesse debates his liberal Democrat cousin on Obama’s re-election and social issues…

Warning:  May I suggest that you BRACE yourself for THIS conversation.

Black Americans who support Progressives make an excuse for everything, use the race card for everything and/or blame everyone but their beloved Obama and fellow Progressives?  Black Americans are up to their necks in hypocrisy.

Sadly enough, like Jesse Peterson, I have family members who feel the same way about their messiah in spite of the fact that they do not support same sex marriage, the legalization of drugs, etc.

Moreover, all are in denial and it is because of such denial that the United States is being destroyed brick by brick.

As you can see from the above video, Blacks have forfeited their souls and God for a false prophet by the name of Barack Hussein Obama.