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Many of you are now familiar with the 45 Communist Goals.

If you want to know what Obama’s Agenda is, just look at the Goals. Read what his friend Bill Ayers has written if you want to know how he plans on implementing it. Class warfare, racial division are all a part of it a race war isn’t out of the question, Bill Ayers has been trying to start one for years..

For those of you who might not know who Bill Ayers is, during the Vietnam War, Bill Ayers bombed the United States Capitol Building and the Pentagon. He’s been advising Barack Obama for years behind the scenes.. More importantly, Ayers sees our schools, public education, as the best way to destroy America.  When he quit blowing up things, he and other Communist Terrorists went into education.. He along with several of his comrades, have now routinely excerpt a great deal of influence over what our children are taught in school….


I voted yesterday but for those who have not made their stand yet, today is THE day, America.  We make our stand TODAY.

That which Barack Obama is offering, I do not want for myself, my children or my country.

Get out there, vote.

It’s not about revenge, it is about LOVE OF COUNTRY.