Image courtesy of Breitbart.


Excitable progressives showed just how emotionally charged and intellectually stunted they are by hysterically over-reacting to an excerpt of a Nicki Minaj track wherein she mentions Mitt Romney. ‘Uncle Tom’ insults also made an appearance.

The lyrics Progressives are having a hissy over are as follows: “…I’m a republican voting for Mitt Romney…You lazy b*tches are f*cking up the economy….”

I am not a Nicki Minaj fan.  Her music videos border on porn and the language in which she engages is filthy.  Nevertheless, Minaj works hard at her ah hem, craft, is a huge success, living the American dream and has the right to vote for the candidate she chooses.

As for whether or not Minaj is serious about being a Romney supporter, maybe, maybe not but then who cares.

As far as the vicious attacks on Minaj, every day we are validated in our assessment that Progressives are vile, hateful people.  That being said, Minaj has such a huge fan base that detractors will not make a dent in her lifestyle.

Twitchy has been logging the hate tweets.  I refer you to Romney haters to Nicki Minaj: Die, Uncle Tom bitch!

Now excuse me while I take a moment to pray and ask God to forgive me for at one time being a Democrat.