“Continuing to parade their ignorant assumptions about who should and should not be a Republican, liberals on Twitter unleashed a fury of hate on famed gospel singer BeBe Winans after Mr. Winans delivered a stunning performance from the Republican National Convention….

I went to YouTube to see if I could find a video of Mr. Winans’ phenomenal performance and stumbled across this… a “reporter” bluntly asking the black singer, “Why are you here??…”


Being a good Christian, Mr. Winans handled this reporter with grace.  That being said, she would never have asked Mr. Winans “Why are you here??” if she ran across him at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte.

It does not matter to Progressives that Mr. Winans will be performing the same songs next week in Charlotte in the presence of Progressives, they have ordained that like Clint Eastwood, Bebe Winans must be punished.

At the bottom of this post, you will find some of the vile, racist tweets assailing Mr. Winans for daring to perform at the Republican National Convention.

People are ugly.  Progressives are ugly and while they would paint those of us on the right with that label, we know better.

While Progressives will attack Mr. Winans for what they see as his role in debunking Progressive propaganda, God will bless him all the same.

Racist Tweets to Bebe Winans

Racist Tweets reference Bebe Winans