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Michelle Obama is living in a bubble.

I spoke with many in my community who are now saying that they will not vote this November.

In fact, many are now saying that they will never vote again because the last time around (2008), they fell for the hopey changey thing and all now admit that it was a load of bull. Of course, they will never vote for Romney either. That is just the way it is w/some folks and not just in the Black community.

Whatever little faith somey had in the system, Barack Obama nixed.  In other words, “Michelle is talking loud and saying nothing” and her words are falling upon deaf ears that is if anyone is listening at all.

Btw, MO’s reference to folks as knuckleheads is not cool.

What is more vile and disgusting than people being out of work, losing their homes, disenchanted, hungry and unemployed than Michelle Obama taking the low road and calling them knuckleheads?


In the eyes of those who feel betrayed, MO proves their point, especially since the word is that “The Obamas are acting like white people” AND “Michelle is acting, dressing and wearing her hair like a white woman.” Uh-oh.  (????)

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger.  Just putting it out there that which is now being said and from where I come from, once those lines start flowing, it is downhill from there.

Translation:  THE OBAMAS ARE NOW OFFICIALLY DEEMED OUTSIDERS (not that they weren’t before), i.e., Obama is failing all around.