Happy Independence Day America.

Now more than ever, we must remember and reflect upon the importance of this day, paying tribute to our founders and those who fought and sacrificed so that we could be free.

God bless America.

Citizen Tom

On the 4th of July, some take the time to read and then contemplate the Declaration of Independence, and it is well that we do. What we should also review are the years that followed. Here, for example, is a Timeline: War of Independence provided by Dr. Quintard Taylor, Jr.

What do we learn by reading such a history? After all, it happened over two centuries ago. None today remember it. We have only writings, drawings, paintings and various odd artifacts from that period. What we know is only a mixture of legend with a few verifiable facts. What do we know? We know the freedom that is our heritage. We know that today we own our liberty because a few good men and women took care to protect both their own liberty and the liberty of their families, friends and neighbors.

At the time of the American Revolutionary War, America was small. The population of…

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