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How anyone can stand these animals is beyond me.  Occupy Wall Street has for months been in search of a martyr, preferably Black due to the few Black Americans who were involved in OWS.  Hence, the purpose of said martyr is to bring Black America on board the Occupy movement. 

As you can see in the above video, Marxists are thrilled but therein lays the hypocrisy, the shame and the disgrace.

This is not about justice but about taking advantage of a good crisis.  Shame on them ALL!

Furthermore, keeping in mind that OWS is the product of Barack Obama, shame on Obama for Occupy and for entering the Trayvon Martin fray.  

In the meantime the ever so complicit media here in the United States is overwhelmingly quiet on the violence that has once again engulfed Occupy Wall Street.  See, MEDIA IGNORES OCCUPY’S VIOLENT HIJACKING OF TRAYVON MARTIN.