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UPDATE # 2:  The hits just keep on coming but then that’s what happens when jihadists considers a nation weak, vulnerable and ready to be led like lambs to the slaughter.  Check out Gateway Pundit’s, “Top Iranian Commander: ‘Burn the White House… Hang the Commanders’ to Relieve Pain Caused by Burning of Quran”.

UPDATE:  U.S. Pulls Out Advisers After Two Killed in Kabul

“U.S. Marine Gen. John Allen ordered the unprecedented move after an American colonel and major were both found shot in the head at the busy Interior Ministry compound that is the nerve center for the Afghan law enforcement, according to one Western official in Kabul.

‘We are investigating the crime and we will pursue all leads to find the person responsible for this attack,’ Gen. Allen said in a statement. ‘The perpetrator of this attack is a coward whose actions will not go unanswered….”


Yeah right.  Don’t hold your breath America.  These Islamic fanatics are not going to turn in fellow jihadists.  Instead, they will celebrate the death of Americans as they continue to riot, raise hell, rape, pillage and shed more blood.

Whose head is this on?  The apologist and appeaser, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

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There is a cover up afoot but first as reported by FOX NEWS:

“KABUL, Afghanistan –  The commander of NATO and U.S. forces says that all NATO personnel are being recalled from Afghan ministries following an attack at the Interior Ministry in Kabul.

Gen. John Allen says staff are being recalled “for obvious force protection reasons.” He says NATO is investigating Saturday’s shooting and will pursue all leads to find the person responsible for the attack.

Two U.S. military advisers were killed Saturday at the Afghanistan Interior Ministry in Kabul, though accounts of what led to the clash were unclear….

a report by the Wall Street Journal, citing one Western official in Kabul, said the two high-ranking advisers were killed by an Afghan policeman who was upset about the burning of Korans earlier this week at a U.S. military base…”

Like I said, someone is trying to put a spin on this report and quick so don’t be surprised if much like the Bin Laden story, it changes five times by Tuesday.

When I googled “two Americans killed Afghanistan” and the word “colonel” showed up on my laptop screen for a split second and then disappeared as quick as it appeared with the words “military advisors” in its place.

Repeated the exact search in twice more and each time and got the same exact results. Flash! Gone! Replace!

Finally, I googled U.S. colonel killed in Afghanistan and got the Times of India on top.

“KABUL: Two Americans who were shot dead on Saturday inside the Interior Ministry in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul are believed to be a colonel and a major in the US military, Afghan security sources told Reuters. 
A spokeswoman for Nato’s International Security Assistance Force ( Isaf) confirmed two of their servicemen had been shot dead in central Kabul by an individual who turned his weapon on them. She declined to say if the killer was a member of the Afghan military or police. …”

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Apparently, Google in collusion with the White House is working overtime to keep a lid on the events surrounding the death of our troops.  I suspect that Barack the appeaser does not want this to become a campaign issue, i.e., a possible hindrance to his re-election.  Selfish, I know but typical Obama.

Since I had to go to the Times of India for this report, I thought I would peruse and share some of the comments there as well.  See below:

1 min ago (10:57 PM)

raghu (india) 
2 mins ago (10:56 PM)
The real tragedy about the muslims being in the stone age mentality is not that they are in that state. The real tragedy is not that some of them don’t realize that they are in that state. The real tragedy is, far too many of them believe that it is somebody else’s fault that they are in that state. These losers are almost happy to be in this state as long as they don’t have to acknowledge that it’s their own fault. The blame can be placed at the door of anybody – the the Zionists, US, israel ,India, non belivers,kaffirs etc

Ram (Chennai) 
12 mins ago (10:46 PM)
American’s should with draw their force.

Cartoon mohammed (India) 
23 mins ago (10:35 PM)
How did islam come to Afghanistan?..the country was invaded and islam was imposed and the people who resisted were killed. Americans should do the same..all this apology nonsense goes over their primitive islamic brains

Anthony (Mumbai) 
1 hr ago (09:43 PM)
You all have not answered my question. Why all the outroar when a Koran is burnt? Why not when the Bible is destroyed or burned? Or even Gita or Hindu Holy Book? We see the muslim work go just bezerk or sometimes mindlessly insane as though their existence at stake. Why not have some restraint and protest in peace? Or peace is out of Muslim vocabulary? comeone this is just fair to ask of a religion that claim to be peacefull when questioned by reacts with utmost terror when rattled.

A.N.Thekra (Kodaikanal) 
1 hr ago (09:21 PM)
Poor Americans and European forces trapped in their own web. They can’t move from Afghanistan immediately . It’s a question of prestige for them.. They keep losing forces rapidly. That’s the punishment for them for occupying the sovereignty of the nation. These westerners are cunning beggars. Now USA initiating to interfere the Indian internal affairs through Tamilnadu nuclear project issue. We Indian should stay away from these traitors.

Brahmos (India) 
1 hr ago (09:19 PM)
The muslim terrorism was so savage that Hindu Afghanistan has now just 5000 Hindus left. Islamic invasions on Hindu Afghanistan started in 642 AD. In AD 870 Hindu king of Kabul Rusal who had been harassed by Yaqub Ibn Layth received a message from Yaqub for a meeting for truce. The foolish and trusting king Rusal met unprepared with Yaqub. Hindu Afghanistan king Rusal was assassinated, his army decimated and his people enslaved. . Afghan historian Khondamir says that in the city of Herat in Afghanistan, 1,500,000 were killed. The insane muslims are taught that killing infidels or non muslims will ensure a Muslim’s place in heaven.

And less than 24 hours ago, General Allen, U.S. top commander in Afghanistan had the following to say:

Wonder what General Allen is saying right now.  Everyone should stop lying to our troops and stop lying to the American people.  The writing is on the wall.  It is time to pull our men and women out of Afghanistan.  Bring them home to their families and loved ones ALIVE.

Leave the people of Afghanistan alone.  They despise us and not one more drop of American blood should be shed for these barbarians nor should our troops be forced to kiss their asses.