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In 2008, Brandon Darby, a former community organizer foiled a left-wing terrorist plot that could have cost countless American lives at the 2008 Republican convention.

For the record, it is fair to note that Darby used to be a proud member of the radical left.

Since then, Progressives have declared war on Darby besmirching and smearing his name and threatening his life.

You can listen to the full podcast here.

For more information, see Occupier Threats Will NOT Work” | Brandon Darby & Lee Stranahan  and  “We are at a Tipping Point; It’s either ‘Occupy’ or ‘America’” | Andrew Breitbart | Brandon Darby.

The latest assault against Darby comes at the hands of the Occupy Wall Street movement whose members are not thrilled with Darby’s Occupy exposés, i.e., “Emails Expose the True Nature of the #Occupy Movement” October 2011 and Darby’s latest exposé“Occupy Unmasked” by Citizens United.  See trailer below:

You might also want to check out Lee Stranahan’s, “Democratic Undergrounds Hides Occupy Assaults, Smears Brandon Darby.”  Truly a worthy read on exactly how quick Progressives will turn on their own.

Source:  The Victory Sessions