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Well for starters, nearly four years later, Gitmo and the CIA’s secret jails are still open.  Not only are they open, up and running but the Obama administration is in the process of supersizing Parwan Detention Facility in Afghanistan.

Initally, the initial plans were to turn this facility over to the Afghanis in 2011.  Like Guantanamo Bay, that has proven not to be the case.

Instead, Obama breaking yet another promise has decided to expand the detention facility and guess who is picking up the tab as usual for its expansion.  You guessed it, the American taxpayer to the tune of $35 million.


“….Instead, the military is offering millions to vastly expand the center’s inmate intake.

Specifically, $35 million will fund expansions necessary to house

‘approximately 2,000 detainees’ at the Detention Facility at Parwan on the outskirts of Bagram Air Field, an hour’s drive from Kabul. The Army Corps of Engineers wants to expanddetainee housing, guard towers, administrative facility and Vehicle/Personnel Access Control Gates, security surveillance and restricted access systems,’ according to a recent solicitation. A Turkey-based company received the contract in late January.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. As far back as summer 2010, senior military officials in charge of the detention center boasted to Danger Room outright that by January 2012, they wouldn’t be running the square-mile sized prison. They considered handing the detention center to the Afghans a mark of their own success at fostering a culture of law and order within the Afghan government.

Alas. A year later, the command in charge of the detention center, Joint Task Force-435, admitted that it wouldn’t complete the handoff until the U.S. ended combat in 2014. The reason? ‘The Afghans don’t have the legal framework or the capacity to deal with violence being inflicted on the country by the insurgency,’ an official told the Financial Times.

But the expansion is only going to increase the caseload the Afghans will eventually deal with. This is no minor refurbishment…”

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Take note America, Obama is building “secret jails” throughout Afghanistan.  Timing suspect, I would say that something definitely stinks.

Not to mention the mendacity and double standard as is being applied by Progressives and the lame stream media.

The ultimate hypocrisy is that Progressives who vehemently attacked Bush43 for such policies are now openly embracing the same policies under Obama along with his policies of indefinite detainment of Americans.

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