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After all the receptacles ARE DEAD and in life they were a nasty piece of work.

While not exactly a shining moment for these four young men, WHO CARES!  The same bureaucrats, wanting to rain hell down upon these young men,  Madame Secretary included are overwhelmingly silent when reports surface exposing the sins of the Taliban and their fellow jihadists who by nature

  • behead and stone women,
  • decapitate their enemies,
  • kidnap, torture, rape and murder of women and children,
  • train children to become future jihadists and
  • use children (among others) as suicide bombers and human shields.

Let’s keep it real, there is no disgrace in piddling on a bunch of dead terrorists.  Scandalous is Barack Obama (i) giving money to the Taliban; (ii) negotiating with these murderers and (iii) recruiting Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.[i]

Panetta wants to call someone to task for his or her actions then call Obama.

I agree with Geller, the men are heroes and have done nothing wrong but there is a teachable moment here.  Next time don’t videotape.

[i] For those unfamiliar with the likes of Yusuf al-Qaradawi, check out this article entitled, Qaradawi’s Odious Vision.