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Image courtesy of Politifake

Above image courtesy of Politifake.

Occupy Wall Street does not represent me, nor do they have the right to such claims.

The claim that these Commies represent 99% of the American people is a lie.

To claim that these Commies speak for 99% of the American people is also a lie and I am calling the freeloading bastards out.

This American has worked for nearly forty years and has never asked a soul for anything.  I am the 53%!

Get out of my city.  My tax dollars subsidize Zuccotti Park not yours.

If you can put so much effort into freeloading, begging for free food, avoid taxes, rent, responsibility and being angry, then you can darn well GET A JOB.

Should I set my sights on something, I work for it.  Try it for a change.


“Occupy Wall Street increasingly represents a radical and violent fringe of the political Left. They DO NOT represent the 99%. Tell OWS they don’t represent you by signing the petition: http://WeDontRiot.com