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“Earlier this morning, the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest extravaganza made its latest stop down in Palm Beach, Florida in order to stage a protest outside the location of Congressman Allen West’s townhall meeting.  Upon arriving at this little ‘gathering,’ I took it upon myself to ask a few simple questions of the demonstrators to find out what they were doing on a rainy street corner, and what exactly they were protesting.

As you will see in the video, the first protester answered my questions as best as she could, but then the next protester (we will call him Homer) injected his thoughts into the conversation and became perplexed by my simple questions.  I asked Homer who was organizing the event, and he could not bring himself to openly answer the question.  It wasn’t until one of the clip-board wielding ‘community organizers’ stepped in and  spilled the beans as to who was organizing the event.  The event was organized by Florida One, Occupy Palm Beach, as well as a few other organizations which he didn’t want to mention that organized the whole protest…”


I wonder how many of these Soros Marxist puppets voted for their comrade, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.   That would explain their disdain for Allen West and their lack of transparency especially since they have all their facts wrong.

Just like Stalin loved his “useful idiots,” Barack Obama is no doubt overjoyed.