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Obama Administration Apologizes and Offers Condolence to Family for Assassination of Samir Khan (Al Qaeda Propagandist aka Terrorist)

Mind-boggling. Next they’ll be apologizing for killing Awlaki and bin Laden. “U.S. State Dept. contacts Khan family: Official offers parents condolences on death of al-Qaida propagandist,’ by Tim Funk for the Charlotte Observer, October 7 (thanks to Wimpy):

‘An official from the U.S. State Department has called the Charlotte family of al-Qaida propagandist Samir Khan to offer the government’s condolences on his death in a U.S. drone attack last week in Yemen, according to a family spokesman.’They were very apologetic (for not calling the family sooner) and offered condolences,” Jibril Hough said about the Thursday call from the State Department to Khan’s father, Zafar….”   


As one commenter at Jihad Watch so eloquently put it,

…..On behalf of all us “Islamaphobics” at the Infidel Task Force, I would like to apologize to Khans family for blowing their blood thirsty son into a bloody pulp and not attempting to put his mushy pieces into a jelly jar and sending the quivering jellied mass back to its parents. sorry

Oh yes,  Aprilyn made an excellent suggestion of which I have no objection.

Yes, by all means Samir Khan was a violent,traitor. I to regret that he didnt meet his moon-god (allah), maker earlier.

My only question is why not send the family back the pieces of his body? Cruel you say …. not really, the “911” family members received only pieces of their loved ones back to bury. Christians in the middle east have the horror of receiving the bodies of their loved ones returned, showing the violent vicious torture and death of their loved ones. Also, Christians in Iraq had to endure not only the murder of their children, but the task of removeing their little ones bodies off of crosses they had been nailed to (in front of their homes no less). Lastly, many of our service men and women who have died in this “war on terror” only receive pieces of their loved ones to bury.

So, I ask you why the kid gloves for the parents of this muslim traitor? Who was planning with Anwar al-Awlaki and others the deaths of others, including Americans?

If true, it would explain the Progressive media falling all over itself.

In 2009, there were discussions back and forth between the administration and Japan regarding Barack Obama’s trip to Japan.

The discussion surrounded a possible apology and trip to Hiroshimaby Obama.

While there is nothing official, somehow the possibility of a U.S.apology to the people of Japan for World War II arose.

It was during that time that U.S. Ambassador to JapanJohn Roos informed the Obama administration that this idea of visiting Hiroshima, better yet apologizing was anonstarter.”

Wanting to get this right, I personally reviewed the Wiki leaks cable.  Please see excerpt below:

——————————————— ——


——————————————— ——

5. (C) VFM Yabunaka pointed out that the Japanese public will have high expectations toward President Obama’s visit to Japan in November, as the President enjoys an historic level of popularity among the Japanese people. Anti-nuclear groups, in particular, will speculate whether the President would visit Hiroshima in light of his April 5 Prague speech on non-proliferation. He underscored, however, that both governments must temper the public’s expectations on such issues, as the idea of President Obama visiting Hiroshima to apologize for the atomic bombing during World War II is a “non-starter.” While a simple visit to Hiroshima without fanfare is sufficiently symbolic to convey the right message, it is premature to include such program in the November visit. Yabunaka recommended that the visit in November center mostly in Tokyo, with calls on the Emperor and Prime Minister, as well as some form of public program, such as speeches, an engagement at a university, or a town hall-like meeting with local residents. Highlighting the busy political calendar in the coming weeks, including the election of the new Prime Minister, launching of the new Cabinet, and the Prime Minister’s participation in the UN General Assembly and the Pittsburgh G-20 Summit, Yabunaka noted that both sides should begin working quickly on the President’s November visit….”

To hell with the lame stream media.  They can try to re-write history all they want, but I am done with Obama’s propaganda machine and their misrepresentations.

After reading the aforementioned excerpt MORE THAN ONCE, I can only conclude that someone in the Obama administration had entertaine an apology to the people of Japan for World War II.  After all, that is what Obama does, APOLOGIZE.

We do not owe the family of an Al Qaeda swine operative or the country of Japan an apology for obvious reasons.

Finally, Barack Obama and the fact that he feels the constant need to apologize for our country offends me.  How much more do people need to know that the wrong man is in the White House?