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On Friday in response to a tweet that the group, Radiohead, would be performing at NYPD headquarters, Occupy Wall Street protesters made a not so straight b-line from Zuccotti Park, their ground zero to the headquarters of NYPD.

A large mass of the protesters headed up Broadway and ended up at One Centre Street, the Municipal Building across the street from City Hall Park, which is closed.

Another group of protesters ended up at One St. Andrews Plaza where the Department of Justice is located.

So what is the problem?  The space cadets got lost.

NYPD Headquarters is located at One Police Plaza not One Centre Street or One St. Andrews Plaza.  See map below.


NYPD headquarters is only a 12-minute walk from Zuccotti Park but it was apparently far enough for these nimrods to get lost.

Just to show you how clueless these protesters are, the following video is entitled, “Wall Street protesters march to NYPD headquarters.”  NOT!  The building in the video is not NYPD headquarters.  It is One Centre Street, the Municipal Building.

One Centre Street Manhattan Municipal Building

One Police Plaza NYPD Headquarters

One Police Plaza NYPD Headquarters

Astounding isn’t it that hundreds followed like puppets without question those who are equally clueless.

As it turned out, the tweet was a hoax and the hoax drew a crowd that the Occupy Wall Street protest itself could not.

Would it not have made more sense after receiving the hoax to (i) investigate further and (ii) research the location of NYPD headquarters before strolling off clueless?


Photograph courtesy of Gawker.com

Photograph courtesy of Gawker.com